A Married Woman’s Lenses

Even though my little one’s are not in the teenage-angst stage yet, we still have problems. Lately, the older one has been acting up. Just yesterday when we were out shopping with our arms locked together, I noticed that she slowly untangled herself from me. I guess that’s when you know your little girl is growing up. As someone who understands what it’s like to be 11 and trying to fit in with her peers, I try to be understanding, but sometimes I want to pull my hair out. A few days ago, I nicely asked her to wash the dishes and she gave me a bratty, rude response. My husband has been busy with work due to a promotion that he has just received.

Although I do support him 100%, we rarely get to see each other. He’s often home late and isn’t able to spend time with the kids since he’s always tired. We have not had a real conversation in two weeks. Our conversations are simply short, one word answers. “How was work?” “Great, I’m tired. Night.” I fear that we are growing distant. The kids often ask, Wheres dad? How come he isn’t home? Last weekend, the youngest one had a piano concert and she was the only one in her class performing a solo. My husband and I were extremely proud of her for her accomplishment and promised that we would go. Needless to say, she was upset when he was not able to show up due to a business meeting. I fear that the girls may become distant towards the both of us.