All About Auto Body Repair

There are many auto repair shops available in the market. You take your car to get washed and detailed; you need to spend the money to have the car repainted, just to get that showroom floor look. All this washing and polishing may make your paint look great, but can wreak havoc on your tail light lenses. In this article we will discuss how to repair polish your tail lights and the supplies needed to do the job. To gather more information about auto body repair, you can visit

The materials required to achieve this task are relatively cheap, some of which you might have around the house. The remainder of these may be easily obtained from your local hardware store or auto body present house. You will require some 400 grit wet sanding paper, a buffing wheel, a load to install it to, a clear terry cloth towel, plus some kind of plastic polishing compound.

Start by removing the taillights in the car. A number of people may make an effort to abandon the taillights in with this step, nonetheless it isn’t proposed as you may get and inadvertently sand down your vehicles color. It’s not essential to mud the whole contact, simply any spots on them. You may even elect to mud down the DOT lettering and other part numbers at the moment, to give a cleaner look. Make sure you preserve the sand paper wet.

Once you’ve done sanding down the lens, wash it thoroughly with soap and water. I will suggest employing dish soap for this element while the de greasing agent inside the soap will remove any leftover wax that could be around the lens. Dry the lens fully. You can also get more information about car parking from quikparkgarages.

After the lens is dry, its time to start the polishing process does not take too much substance to the wheel, adequate to begin to alter the color of the wheel. Start implementing it to the lens, but be careful never to sit in one area for too long as this may create an overheating situation which can result in a warped and melted lens. Shift swiftly backwards and forwards over the lens and you will prevent this matter altogether. Clean any extra compound off using the towel. Should you start to get dark blobs on top its an indicator that you’re using too much compound.