Another Great Time for Floyd Mayweather Jr

Every year, Mayweather aims to fight for big names in boxing to earn much money from his fight considering he is the most paid athlete in this generation. For the past few years, Mayweather is fighting once a year and when he get out from the jail for some few months, he is now back to the ring fighting for his record and protecting his credibility and his name in terms of boxing.

Every champion has a place in every heart of his fans. Floyd Mayweather Jr has lots of fans all over the world, wherever you are in the part of the world. You can either from America, UK, Canada, Asia or other parts of the world, if you idolize one person, no matter who he is, you still accept him and give a place in your heart.

There are rumors that Mayweather will have his first defeat before he gets 37 years old, these are coming from critics who want Mayweather lose from his upcoming fight against Canelo Saul Alvarez.

This coming September 14, 2013, this is the best time for Mayweather Jr to prove to his fans that he really deserves the fans that he has right now and he will prove that this Mayweather vs Canelo will give fun to all the fans out there.