Healthy And Easy Recipes With Vegetables Kids Will Eat

The right recipes make all the difference when I am trying to get my children to eat their vegetables. Like most mothers, I am always pressed for time so it is also essential that I find meals and snacks that are easy to prepare. Over the years, I have put together a collection of ideas that fulfill all these needs. I am a great believer in using my blender. I make easy shakes with yogurt and fruit and sneak in some kale. My children love it and do not even notice the kale. Another easy recipe is tacos. We make them together as a family. The children help me chop the vegetables and put them out in dishes.

They have a lot of fun and pretend they are running a restaurant. We use whatever we have on hand like lettuce, tomatoes, peppers and mushrooms. Another great idea for snacks is cut vegetables with a dip. My children will go through handfuls of carrots and broccoli if they have a sweet sauce to accompany them. I even have recipes for late night snacks. One family favorite is a quick soup with beans and a little corn. Eating warm soup encourages us all to sit down and relax before bed. Healthy eating is an important part of our routine all day long.