How To Write An Excuse Letter

An excuse letter for being absent for a day requires you either submitting it before you go on a planned leave or after you get back to office. You may have a justifiable reason for your sudden leave but it will not bother the person whom you are reporting to in anyway. You have to furnish a well explained excuse letter for your sudden leave. It is hard to convince your boss with any other reason except one being related to your own health. If you are not actually ill how can you validate your reason for leave? You have a solution in the form of fake doctors date which can pose as a real doctor’s note.

When you produce a Fake doctors note ensure that it is made using good quality stationery. The details such as date, name, type of illness and doctor’s signature should be present. While writing the excuse letter ensure that you use proper salutations as it is a very important requirement to place it in an office record. This kind of letter does not require any kind of introduction and you can directly start stating the purpose of the letter. Your communication should be perfect and precise. State the reason clearly and make it not lengthy. At the conclusion mention that you are ready to provide more details if required. Lastly, produce the letter the day when you return to office after leave as delaying the submission will only create a feeling that you are a careless person.