Personal Injury: Car Accidents, Slip And Falls, And Products Liability

Personal injury is an area of the law that generally has a bad reputation. People thing that it is a field were lawyers are just running around making up injuries so that they can try to get a sympathetic jury award and walk away with millions. Well this perception is foolish and does not accurately portray the legal system. The reality is that a RI personal injury lawyer will be fighting an insurance company more often than any on individual defendant. That insurance company is often the person’s own carrier. They may be hurt in a car accident and be looking to get a pay out from their own insurance who is supposed to cover them in these situations. The insurance companies essentially fight tooth and hair along the way to pay out as little as possible so that they can maximize their profit. They would rather pay lawyers to defend the claims than let people have their coverage award. It is the defense teams that keep the plaintiff lawyers in business. If it was not for insurance companies there would be a substantially smaller number of personal injury cases. That is what your Providence lawyer is doing when they take on these cases.

The other misconception is that personal injury lawyers are just trying to find injuries for products in order to get easy settlements from big companies. There are all sorts of stories where people were hurt by a product because of their own mistakes and got an award. Well most of those stories are inaccurate and the cases that they were based on were completely different. For example, the hot coffee story the coffee was actually so hot that the woman got 2nd degree burns. It is not just that she was stupid and spilled it was that the coffee was so hot that if anyone spilled they would have been severely injured. These stories are almost always exaggerated.