Reducing Your Dog’s Anxiety When Staying at a Dog Boarding Kennel

You’ve done all your research and found the finest dog boarding kennel for your beloved pet. You have asked all the right questions, and gotten all of the right answers. But you are still wondering how the actual stay itself will go for your own pet. Will he be frightened or nervous? Most dogs will experience a specific degree of anxiety when being away from their house, however there are a lot of things that you certainly can do to reduce the stress your dog may feel when staying at a dog boarding kennel. These suggestions will assist you along with your dog relax a little more.

The action of chewing releases neurotransmitters within the mind which helps dogs relax. Despite the fact your dog will not usually chew on toys at home, it might help him relax whenever you are not around.

Keep your dog on her regular diet. Stress can cause gastrointestinal issues, no requirement exacerbate that by simply switching up her food!

Set a good example for your pet by remaining calm and collected! As you probably know, your dog is super sensitive to your feelings and emotions. Allow lots of time whenever you drop your pet off so that you’re not rushed. Say a swift, cheerful goodbye, and leave knowing you have chosen a terrific as well as the staff will take good care of your dog. Request your dog to be dropped off by a friend or family member for you, if you have a difficult time remaining un-emotional. You’re going to be doing yourself as well as your pet a favor.

Additionally there are several methods that a great kennel can decrease your dog’s worry. If you never have narrowed down a dog boarding kennel yet, if not in the event you have, there are some key questions that you must request to make sure your dog has got the most agreeable stay possible.

Do they preserve a routine feeding and playtime program? Continuity is important to dogs. They’re creatures of habit and will also be comforted by routine.
Is each kennel divided by a solid wall?
Do dogs play in small play in small playgroups? More than eight dogs into a group are too many and will cause your pet unnecessary anxiety.