Some Things To Know About Frameless Shower Doors

Frameless shower doors and enclosures are a relatively new design option that you will find in many higher end or remodeled bathrooms. Eliminating the frame in a shower enclosure creates an elegant, unencumbered look that will instantly add value and appeal to your bathroom.

Some things to know about frameless shower doors from

Price: Frameless shower doors will typically cost more than a standard shower with a frame. The primary reason for this is that frameless shower doors require thicker glass, more careful fabrication, and special finishing of the edges. A typical framed shower door can use thinner glass because of the frame which will add strength to the glass while also covering the unfinished edge. This is not to say that a framed shower door has to look outdated or without style. With the proper design and a nice finish, it can offer an alternative to the frameless doors where budget is a concern.

DIY options: Although recommended only for the handiest homeowner, there are options for do-it-yourself frameless shower doors. Several websites offer design-help coupled with custom manufacturing processes to offer homeowners the opportunity to do their own shower doors. While this offers an opportunity to save significantly over a turn-key installation, care must be taken from the design process all the way through installation to ensure a satisfactory result.