The Best Poker Player You’ve Never Heard of

Who’s the best poker player in the world? Phil Ivey? Tom Dwan? Not exactly…

A new player has been taking the online poker world by storm in the last two months. The weird thing is you’ve never heard of him. Weirder still, if you play online poker, you’ve probably played against ‘him’ without even realizing it.

Sagittarius ABZ Poker Bot was released at in September 2015 and is already believed to be beating humans at their own game at a host of online poker sites.

Now anyone can create a ruthless bot…

The new poker bot ‘platform’ is unique in the history of poker AIs because it allows users to build and customize a poker bot based on their own poker strategy. It then uses this as a basis to ‘learn’ from the humans it plays against.

Sagittarius ABZ records information from every poker hand it plays and every opponent faces. If you play online poker, chances are you’ve already played a hand against Sagittarius ABZ. In fact, it may even have ‘learnt’ from the way you play and adapted its own strategy to beat you.

For example, Sagittarius ABZ can identify a player who plays a passive strategy and will switch to an aggressive style of play to exploit that player for maximum profit.

Sagittarius ABZ doesn’t just mimic real human poker strategy – it mimics the way a human actually uses a computer too. Sagittarius takes over a computer’s user interface and uses the mouse the same way a human would, with an algorithm to guide the movements and clicks.

Literally anyone in the world can build a winning strategy in Sagittarius ABZ and use it to beat online poker. 

Want to know more? Visit abz Poker Bot .com